About Us


La Puerta Verde, translated as “The Green Door”, is Mindful Restaurant’s homage to the Mexican culture and influences found throughout the city. Mindful’s founder Ari Gejdenson was inspired to create La Puerta Verde after working alongside so many passionate and talented people in the restaurant industry that left Mexico and now call DC their home. Over the years people have shared pieces of their Mexican culture and cuisine with him which he fell in love with. When the Hecht project presented itself, Ari knew Ivy City would be the ideal place to connect this new found love of Mexican cuisine and culture with his beloved home of Northeast DC.

Located in the newly renovated historic Hecht Warehouse, La Puerta Verde is simultaneously reminiscent of a traditional Mexican Hacienda and nostalgic to its Ivy City roots. Traditional talavera tiles and vibrant colorful murals coexist with repurposed cargo containers and original warehouse columns. Focusing on fresh quality ingredients, the menu draws from traditional dishes of various regions to create a unique but authentic representation of the landscape of Mexican cuisine. LPV’s Bar program offers the expected selection of tequila, mezcal, and Mexican beers with a carefully crafted cocktail menu. In Mexico the color green represents hope. Mindful Restaurant’s hope is that, behind our green door, guests will find a place to connect and enjoy the spirit of Mexico here in the heart of DC.